I am a CTI licensed Co-Active Coach dedicated to empowering recent graduates and young professionals to recognize their strengths and their passions and discover how these values can be realized in their careers and in their lives. 

While still coaching entrepreneurs, executives and career changers, I focus on students and fresh graduates given the importance and impact of the first career decisions on their professional journeys for a long period after graduation. I work with students to achieve their own full potential as they make the first large and defining decision of their professional careers. 

Graduates: Helping you start a successful career!

If you are a graduate, I offer to work with you on finding your vocation in life, on developing your own carrier path, on identifying your intrinsic skills and values and, most importantly, on finding the leader in you.

50 years ago, having a degree meant you had a job. Now, companies receive thousands of applications every day and therefore require much more from you than just a piece of paper. Recruiters will demand you to demonstrate leadership, communication skills, drive and many other soft skills that are not taught in your university curriculum.

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Parents: You want the best for your kids and I make sure that they get it!

Like many parents, you have invested time, money and energy in your kids’ education to give them the foundation on which they can build their future. The rest of their professional life relies on their choice of their first job.  

Do you wish your kids to be successful, fulfilled and leaders of their future? Do you want your kids to build a fulfilling, successful and rewarding career? Read More >

Corporate: Get them to productivity now! 

Recruiting fresh graduates is essential for the strong and sustainable growth of any organization. 

Are you looking for an effective integration of your fresh recruits in your corporate culture? Are you looking to reduce the time gap of their becoming productive and to see higher ROI? As well as maintain higher retention? Read More >