Helping you start a successful career!

If you are a graduate, I offer to work with you on finding your vocation in life, on developing your own carrier path, on identifying your intrinsic skills and values and, most importantly, on finding the leader in you.

50 years ago, having a degree meant you had a job. Now, companies receive thousands of applications every day and therefore require much more from you than just a piece of paper. Recruiters will demand you to demonstrate leadership, communication skills, drive and many other soft skills that are not taught in your university curriculum.

How do you stand out from the thousands of applicants that have your same degree?

Looking for a job, especially your first job, is a job by itself. To add to that stress, all the expectations and standard of what others think you should do or where you should apply will, most of the time, lead you to make the wrong decision.

I see the experience of looking for a job as an opportunity to learn about what drives you in life and what makes you successful. The rest will fall into place.

Universities can, at best, provide few opportunities but they are not equipped to guide you on what is the right career for you, where to find the right organization that represents your ambitions and how to apply for the right job. You, alone, are responsible for getting yourself a job.

The question is, do you know what is the right job for you? Do you know the different strategies to apply for a job and how you can increase your chances of getting hired?

My promise is to give you all the tools and skills you need to enable you to get your dream job and also the fundamental strategy to keep you growing on the personal and professional level.

Do you want to find your dream job? Let’s have a chat!