You want the best for your kids and I make sure that they get it!

Like many parents, you have invested time, money and energy in your kids’ education to give them the foundation on which they can build their future. The rest of their professional life relies on their choice of their first job.  

As a coach I work with many executives and professionals who, after five, ten and sometimes fifteen years of their career, realize that they are unhappy and stuck in a career that doesn’t fulfill them. In most cases, their dissatisfaction can be traced back to two issues:

  1. The first career choice, the first job decision that they made

  2. Lack of clear career planning

Yes, your kids might come from the best schools and universities in the country yet the academic system does not prepare your kids to face the challenges of professional life. Social, peer and economic pressure on your kids blinds them from making the right decision that resonates with their values, with their passion and that will make them successful in the future.

Do you wish your kids to be successful, fulfilled and leaders of their future? 
Do you want your kids to build a fulfilling, successful and rewarding career? 

As parents, your role and responsibility in your kids’ future is to facilitate this difficult transition to professional adulthood.

My promise is to work with your kids on finding their true own identity based on their passion, skills and leadership style, to learn how to plan a robust career plan where they are independent and in charge of their own future.

Through different assessment exercises they will discover in which jobs they will achieve success and fulfilment.  Accordingly, we establish a solid plan on how to get those jobs. Additionally, we work on understanding how to build a future career strategy.

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